Conferenza Stampa Firenze

Cartella stampa 28 settembre 2020, Firenze:

  1. IF2020_CS_Firenze

  2. IF2020_CS_Appuntamenti culturali

  3. IF2020_CS_TTour

  4. IF2020_CS_Regione Toscana_Heritdata_TRAFAIR

  5. IF2020_CS_GiovaniSì in tour a IF2020

  6. IF2020_CS_Devitalia

  7. IF2020_CS_Tech Job Fair

  8. IF2020_CS_Mix

  9. Booklet IF2020 [4 MB]

  10. Teaser IF2020 [link WeTransfer – 67,1 MB]

  11. Foto Conferenza stampa [link WeTransfer – 21,3 MB]


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