Spazi liquidi

Fluid spaces

The Greek agora, the Roman forum, the squares, the large avenues and the modern city hubs have always been a space for relationships, meetings and events. These are the places that define the public space intended for the community and for socialisation. They are the nerve centres of cities and are lively and dynamic if they facilitate mixing, integration, opportunities for meetings and also for conflict. In recent decades, thanks to digital innovation, they have become fluid and immaterial, telematic and media, and no longer just places of social cohesion, but also of personal leadership and of exhibition. The private space, on the other hand, is the intimate, hidden one, reserved to a select few. Then an unexpected event, like the Covid-19 pandemic, breaks out and spaces redefine their functions, reshaping themselves by opening/closing for collective use. So here we are, publicly offering a glimpse, through a screen, of our private life, which becomes a place of work, performance and discussion, while public spaces become deserted and close down. So, how does the organisation of public space change in order to also allow for the collective dimension of social life? And how does the private space change in order to respond to the need to open up to unknown eyes? And if the public spaces in large cities risk turning into "non-places" only to be crossed, but not experienced, then why not favour small villages or organize cities like a group of small villages, thus also recovering the relationship with nature, and essential element for life on our planet?

  • 8-9 Ottobre E 19 Novembre Online

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